DOCGRID : Compliance

Online Regulatory Compliance and Tracking solution

DocGrid offers an online solution that assists with a facility's daily operational activities with easy access from a desktop computer. Scheduling, Tracking, Documentation & Analysis made easy.

Our solution is designed to improve overall efficiency and reduce costs. DocGrid provides a solution to scheduling service tasks, employee training and assists with compliance to OSHA's standards. The goal of DocGrid is to provide users with an easy program for management and storage of compliance documentation for monitor viewing, printing or response to an agency request. Features include:

  • Written/digital compliance program is in one location (facility-specific)
  • Procedures and records are easily accessible and maintainable by authorized employees
  • Each facility has a separate and secure digital storage area for quick reference or printing
  • All compliance requirements are incorporated into a scheduling feature
  • Increase efficiency through task management
  • Quickly assign tasks to employees or contractors for training and equipment maintenance
  • Manage an equipment maintenance history
  • Standardize company programs and procedures
  • Program remains the same regardless of employee turnover
  • Emergency procedures are easily accessible
  • Centralized compliance officer
  • Compliance officers can instantly view the compliance status of all facilities
  • Compliance officers can view and schedule tasks for all facilities
  • Data is secure and reliable
  • Redundant hosting locations for disaster recovery
  • Eliminate the possibility of local computer viruses and equipment failure
  • Online training and auditing
  • No traveling or scheduling for classes and/or a trainer
  • Compliance program is audited online

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DocGrid Features

Comply + Maintain + Document + Track

  • Simple Cloud based SAAS with zero startup.
  • Design complete safety/compliance program online.
  • Supervise multiple facilities and organizations.
  • Manage compliance tasks with alerts, reports, charts.
  • Create and update data and documents online.
  • Design custom forms to Collect data, files, signatures.

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